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Erin Staege 

I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in private practice in Rockford, Illinois. I have known Melinda Hermansen with Redeemed Billing in a professional capacity for 8 months. Currently, Melinda is in charge of taking care of all our billing needs, which includes billing and negotiating insurance contracts.
Melinda has been a perfect fit for this position. She has excellent interpersonal skills, which is evident when she interacts with my clients and insurance representatives. She has successfully negotiated higher allowed amounts from insurance companies, and she has effectively been able to work with clients in order to help them to pay off their bills. In addition, she has completed my credentialing process and network participation application processes with seven insurance companies successfully.

Mark Silveira

I’ve been tempted to suggest that Melinda should describe her service as a “weight loss clinic” since then she could probably charge more for it, and there’s certainly no question she’s removed an enormous burden from our shoulders! Seriously, the services she provides are both comprehensive and exceptional and her responsiveness is exceptional with everything happening when it should, the way it should and pretty much any question answered within 12 hours at the most. All of which has freed me to maximize what I do best — work with clients — and minimize what I do worst — manage the insurance claims and billing end of things.

Amanda Bordner

As a part time counselor in private practice, I was struggling to understand and navigate the insurance paneling and billing process. With Redeemed Billing on board, I have the luxury of focusing on my clients and letting an expert handle the billing. When there's an issue, Redeemed Billing answers all my questions and has a host of services to help me confidently grow my business. 

Dr. Rand Oman

This communication is in regards to one, Melinda Hermansen, who is currently working with our company at Oman & Oman Counseling. She has been working at our practice for just about a year, and has left an indelible imprint on our present and future direction.
She is not only engaging and appreciated by our patients, but is highly competent and able to do all that is required to necessitate a smooth running and efficient office, and in addition, has exemplary skills in procuring past and present financial balances.
Melinda has pin-pointed past delinquencies, going thru line by line to first notate them, second to inform the client of their indebtedness, and thirdly to collect.
Melinda has also implemented a new code for billing new patients for more profitability. She has aptly re-negotiated contract terms on our insurance supplier contracts to receive increased payments.​

Setting up a follow-through process for collection of monies from patients in collections has been a major thrust in her first few months. Melinda is tenacious and firm, but kind, as she pursues the delinquencies. She warns, then follows through. 
While Melinda has not been working with us for long, she also has made some corrections in the software system where all statements were not being printed. The patients were never billed and we “lost income”. She found the error, rebilled the patients, and contacted the software company to inform them of the error and request they correct their system.
As you can see, Melinda is well qualified to handle the duties of an office manager/account’s receivable position. What I like the most is that she is a self-starter and is intrinsically motivated and nurtures our business as it if were her own. That is a forgotten plus in our society.

Stephanie Johnson 

Using Melinda Hermansen with Redeemed Billing has been the best financial decision I have made for my private practice. She is efficient and thorough with her responsibilities leaving me to focus on the clinical aspects of my practice. Having someone who specializes in billing not only has freed up my time for more clinical hours, but has improved revenue for she has been able to collect on outstanding payments and manage following up on rejected claims to maximize payments received. She has also taken over invoicing self pay clients along with co-pays, taking me out of the role of requesting payment directly and allowing me to be seen solely in the role of therapist with my clients.

Stephanie A. Johnson

Clarity Counseling

Melinda's billing company- Redeemed Billing is what makes it possible for me to focus on doing therapy. I don't have to worry at all about invoicing and billing. The Best!!

Tori Benson-Pryor

TLB Counseling Ltd.

Melinda is responsive and on top of her game with whatever you need!! She helped me keep my sanity, I highly recommend her! 

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